The Global Press Style Guide establishes rules for referring to the people and places around the world where Global Press Journal reporters work. Each entry is crafted to promote dignity and precision. Global Press News Services (GPNS) now offers access to style guide services for organizations that seek to ensure they are using both dignified and precise language to describe their work and the people they serve. Service offerings are customized based on the size of an organization and the desired outcome for the organization.

Style Guide Workshop
This workshop is for organizations who seek to ensure that all internal and external communications are dignified and precise. By the end of this workshop participants will be equipped with the tools, decision-making principles, and resources to ensure that all participants are using values-aligned vocabulary, uphold the dignity of the people they represent, and offer a precise articulation and lens on their work. Workshops are available in either English, Spanish or French.

Style Guide Language Audit
This service is recommended for organizations who seek a complete review and scoring of their existing approach to dignified and precise vocabulary. The GPNS team will conduct a comprehensive review and assessment of internal policy guides, handbooks, and job descriptions.

Style Guide Implementation Workshop
This workshop is for staff focused on developing internal and external communications that aim to be dignified and precise.  This workshop is a companion workshop to the Style Guide Workshop and it is available in English, Spanish or French.

Style Guide Consultation Service
Review of external documents or websites with dignity and precision-based recommendations for Global Press Style Guide compliance. This includes a Q&A with a GPNS team member.