About Global Press News Services

Global Press News Services is the products and services division of Global Press, an international media organization that produces ethical, accurate journalism from some of the world’s least-covered places.  

Global Press COO Laxmi Parthasarathy leads a training in South Africa.

Participants listen to a Style Guide presentation, led by Global Press CEO Cristi Hegranes and COO Laxmi Parthasarathy.

GPNS clients participate in a walking conversation during a Duty of Care training.


Global Press is reimagining the field of international journalism. We build representative news bureaus staffed by local women reporters in under covered media markets, have trained 250 journalists and operate 37 news bureaus around the world, from Mongolia to Mexico.

Global Press News Services (GPNS) provides products and services to global clients seeking to integrate representation, dignity, and precision into their operations and safeguard their international workforces. GPNS offers B2B products and services created based on Global Press’ 16 years of expertise producing dignified and precise international journalism and safeguarding the wellness of a global corps of reporters.

GPNS offers services in language equity, representative photojournalism and journalist security to businesses, foundations, and government agency clients around the world. Drawing insights from the Global Press Style Guide, GPNS helps clients integrate dignity and precision into their operations and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). GPNS also offers clients access to its one-of-a-kind global photo archive. And GPNS leverages its industry-leading Duty-of-Care Program to train clients to care for their workforces.


Created the world’s leading Duty of Care program for local journalists


Developed a style guide to ensure dignified, precise language is used to describe people and places


Pioneered translation and fact checking mechanisms to ensure accuracy in global communications


Employed one of world’s most diverse newsroom teams