Michele Perez

COO Tahirih Justice Center and Formerly VP of Management and Administration at US International Development Finance Corporation

“In order to be effective in furthering the international development mission of a US government agency or supporting immigrant survivors of gender-based violence seeking asylum, my work requires continuously building competencies in cultural understanding and fluency. Global Press News Services is a trusted partner who has helped the agencies of which I’ve been a part recognize a basic truth- words that promote dignity and precision matter. Our collaboration with Global Press has advanced our work and helped us increase our impact in the world."


Robert Romano

CEO of StudySync, a McGraw-Hill Company

"Today's students live in a complex world where they're surrounded by a constant flow of information. As educators, we want their voices to not only be heard but to be steeped in factual information – not memes and misinformation. Our collaboration with Global Press is being done with an eye toward making sure we bring students ethical and accurate stories from the every part of the world so they can further develop their voices and the critical thinking, listening, and writing skills necessary to succeed."

Katie Hayes

Alamy Digital Marketing & Brand Manager

"Trust is imperative in journalism and there is a lot of work that goes into building trust with your sources; which is what makes the GPJ reporters’ access so valuable. Without them, these important stories would be left untold or distorted."