At Global Press, keeping our journalists safe and healthy has always been central to our ethos and operations. The Global Press Duty of Care program is a holistic safety and security program designed to meet the specific needs of local female journalists, for whom extraction is not an option. This requires an interconnected security system that prioritizes physical, emotional, digital and legal security. Duty of Care is implemented in three distinct ways: training (20%), day-to-day protocols (75%) and crisis response (5%).

Global Press News Services (GPNS) offers access to multiple Duty of Care services for select clients. These services are rooted in years of research, implementation, and the deep expertise of Global Press staff. We offer several services outlined below:

Safety and Security Road Map: Design and develop a Duty of Care plan.

This service is recommended for organizations looking build new Duty of Care policies and programs into their work.

Safety and Security Audit: Assess and refine current security strategies to meet the current moment.

This service is recommended for organizations that have safety and security policies and procedures in place and are seeking greater alignment to their strategic framework.

Duty of Care Implementation: Draft policies, craft training plans and build new strategies.

This service is for organizations that have invested significant strategic energy in designing a security framework and are looking for support with holistic implementation. Note: The service is only available to organizations that have completed either a Road Map or an Audit.  

Confidential Crisis Consultation
Award-winning global journalism security expert and Global Press CEO, Cristi Hegranes, is available for crisis consultations to all active clients engaging with any of the services above. She will respond to requests within 2 hours.